Anyone else having trouble getting hold of Rob


I’ve been trying to get hold of Rob for a while, but only ever get an answer phone message? I’ve not had contact as a result of leaving a message - I’m dialing 07891 606913.

I ordered some parts from Rob about Christmas time, but a couple were out of stock. He sent the spark plugs on once they were in, but I’m still waiting on the power steering V belt?



I spoke to him at some length yesterday.

Well–there’s a surprise :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I have spoken to rob recently, he is MEGA busy as he is now moving the stock into the new warehouse. Try PM to [R]zeeck aswell, but as I said he is proper busy at he mo, all will be well soon.



yep i gave up ,i’ll wait for him to get settled and try him again

I am going to post something about the new unit over the weekend, but if you are having trouble contacting me you can ring our new unit on [size=24]01702 614469[/size] and you can talk to me on the cheap, which means you will now have more money to to spend on parts with me so be warned… :lol: :lol:

Cheers Rob

Yeh but what he didnt say was you’ll be talking to the answering machine… :lol:

Nope we have fixed that too… :lol: :lol:

WE are now fully operational and can be contacted on the number above…

Hugs and Kisses Rob

I rather liked the sound of that bird on your landline Rob. She sounded like she could bake me a cake… :lol:

Anyway, I thought I’d mention here that I put in a late-Christmas-present-to-myself order with the young Mr Evil, which included, amongst other things, the hallowed side door glasses.
These had to be sourced in the land of the Rising Sun, and were some time getting to Blighty, but I can tell you that everything I ordered came through. This wasn’t a simple order either, and I must have given Rob a few headaches with it all, plus my pestering.
Couple this with the fact that he’s transferring stock from one place to another, plus trying to keep us happy, it’s no wonder that this bird wants to bake my cake.

Well done fella. I don’t know how you do it. You have my utmost admiration.


that mean we get the free raffel soon and the bbq :slight_smile: