Anyone know this car or about parts


is it good deal anyone know the car or about the parts


He’s stripping whole car as could not get what car was worth complete. So stripping it to get money back. Some good quality parts but some are a little over priced


that what i thought well over priced

looks nice car shame

any videos of pictures of this car like exhaust


Click on sellers other items might find some better picks of things forsale


yes looks good want ideas of sound how loud i want a loud one

are they after market downpipes too


Might well be, by looking at other items on car it was built for high hp


he say its not road legal it wasn’t a road car?

are those large downpipes?

it looks like it would be louder than my exhaust

but he has no videos so don’t know what it will sound like


ive a down pipe for a mk2 for sale on my parts post with decat attached if need be


yes i need big downpipes for mark 2 will it make massive difference as ones on mien are for non turbo car really small I’ve been told?

any pictures


yea mate


is that the same one evil empire sells

how much you looking for ?


my parts list is on here mate and on fb .I’m looking for 200 including de cat pipe and delivery

I think I got it from rob years ago got most my stuff from him


is it this exact same downpipes as i was wanting to buy this


how does that differ from standard or non turbo one on my car now in design and performace

very interested and looking to buy


you have a non turbo one on your car ? this is a turbo one 3’’ and decat .more free flowing than standard prob the next mod you do after fitting an airfilter on a turbo car


did you notice much once it was fitted

does it look sam was mine on car but wider? or different design ?


dunno mate i had it on my car for years bought that then decat to add to my mongoose system


John, Your car is a TT MM2 same as Scott’s , this is a strait replacement to the standard ( OEM ) downpipe and includes the de cat pipe , better quality ( stainless steell ) wider at the back and better flow , also louder sound and if the rest of Your exhaust is a 3" bore then is a strait swap if the bore is 2.5" You need a flanged reducer from 3" to 2.5" . From Your pictures Your cat back exhaust must me a 3" mongoose or blueflame with twin tailpipes . Yes You should notice some difference !