Anyone used REDox network for ECU remap


Now the salt on the roads has gone it’s time to bring Mitsy back on the public roads.

I’ve been thinking about having the ECU remapped and was wondering if anyone has used the REDox network. The charge £159.00 to remap but don’t say what you get - anyone used them?

Also, what kind of performance should I expect from an ECU remap on a stock TT?



Didnt think the standard tt ecu could be mapped

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That’ll explain why their website isn’t clear…what a fud!



The standard ECU cannot be mapped, I think that only the MK4 could, Rob @GSXRKID would know as he has a real one and a copy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Terry :sunglasses:

Any technical questions there is Simon knows GTO’S Gav .

Thanks for that I’ll check it out.

Perhaps Bowies love monkey will tell you about sitech and the state of his 99 MK4 he bought and the appalling work carried out on it

Unfortunately i cannot…