Anyway had much welding done

Hello All,

Have many people had to get theirs welded and if so what kinds cost for sills and floor around suspension.

if it’s a 3000gt they seem to suffer from rust more as they’ve been in the UK longer but the GTO’s at this point in time aren’t as bad. A few people have had theirs repaired and welded, totally depends on how bad it is and where it is. Someone even bought a shell and transferredeverything over as it was so bad. Think they paid something like £150 for it.

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Gavin is right to a point but there are some GTO’s that have been in the country nearly as long now , if they were not properly treated over the years they have become quite bad , welding is starting to get more and more common on these now , especially those down the coast as expected or those used over the winter .

@davet25 i know has had a bit of metal work done on his so may be able to advise you a bit better

Craig :smile:

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I had 2 bits if rust fixed on my 3000gt … Both were Mot failures but both were on the rear seat under the cushions where there are grommets fitted… The grommets had fallen out and had light rusting around them nothing serious, think I paid 80 each hole