AP Calipers

Hi Rob can you see if you can get a service kit for my ap calipers please , we couldnt find a number on them could we , Pics can be found below

Not a problem Asty as we are now a AP Racing Dealer.

My old Bike Racing team was sponsored by them and i have loads of contacts there to help with stuff like this.

I will get onto it on Monday and give you a call.

Cheers Rob

Briliant thanks rob :wink:

Right i Have the Part numbers here for the seal kits already from my Data CD.

Just need to get a price on Monday.

Your calipers seam be an early variant of the AP racing kit for the 3000GT marketed in Japan.

I will get the complete lowdown for you on Monday.

Cheers Rob

Rob have a look at this mate http://www.gtouk.org.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=20427

What ya rekon can i shave a bit of the pads ?? or can ya see if they do a pad which is about 15mm thick :wink:


When i chat to AP Racing on Monday i will get the correct Pad number for you.

I would advise against shaving pads unless you can do it it on an end mill other wise you may suffer from brake problems due to the uneven surface of the pad.

NOT A GOOD IDEA :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cheers Rob

Any news mate

Hi Asty,

Did not get my reply till late last night

Seal kits for your calipers are £27.00 per caliper.

How cheap is that and that includes [size=24]12[/size]seals for each caliper.

Makes what Mitsubishi sell for, look like Highway Robbery when you buy them from your local Stealership.

If you want them give me a call.

Cheers Rob

Cheers rob , are ya sure they will fit coz i was told there was a few diffrent sorts , i guess you know :lol: , gonna try sort out some pads first so i can do it all at once . Then i’ll get them

Did you find out anything about the pads :?: :wink:

Will have that sorted in the morning

I have just E Mail my man on the inside your brake pics to make sure we get the right stuff.

cheers Rob

Rob i have got the caliper number now its



Hi Aston,

Can you give me a call when you have 5 minutes regarding your callipers.

Cheers Rob

ok ring ya in the morning mate

Give me a call when you get 5 minutes Aston, I have a few more details for you including prices for the pads etc…

What I have found out for you today is this…

Your brake set up was fitted to the very early Nissin Skyline R32 NISMO Factory race cars and tha kit was never supposedly available to the general public according to my man on the inside.

The kit fitted to your car is a pure race caliper and disc set up.

AP were amazed that you had a set on your car………lol

Speak soon

Cheers Rob

OKi thanks mate 8)