AP Racing 6pot 356mm Front Brakes (Sold)

Time for a change - have had this on my car for approx 2000miles and are excellent performers - just need something to match my new rear brakes, so offered here first

Sat on the car but in my garage for 3 years so there is some surface rust on the discs - raining outside right now so will get some newer photos soon

These are the 6-pot CP5555 calipers with the correct adapters from AP with 2-piece slotted AP discs

Paid £2,800 for them (thanks @GSXRKID for emptying my wallet back then!!) with DS2500 pads included

Only issue when I ordered them they sent out a pair with differing logos - I never followed up to change them as tbh I didn’t really notice at the time! Doesn’t affect performance obviously

Also throw in (if I can find them) a set of rebuild rubber seals should they ever be required

Note - you will NEED 18”+ rims for these as they are rather large :slight_smile:

Quick sale as these rarely ever come up £1,200 + shipping or local collection in Essex can be arranged

Last photo shows them on the car as they are now

Messaged :+1:


One of my all time top 10 mods these!


Agreed ! I was looking at matching the rears to the APs… but the cost spirals Q U I C K L Y when you start having to have things made!

Don’t worry, I’m not going away from big brakes, just an alternate version :slight_smile: