As the membership year comes to an end

I would like to say a few things as we end this years membership and enter into the new.

As some of you know me personally and throughout my membership here on GTOUK for many years now, please try to digest what I’m saying as my grammar is not too good.

What a year it’s been, membership is at it’s highest since the club split all those years ago a trend that has been rising year on year, with new and many of the old members returning to the fold.

Meets are also at a high, giving us presence that we all deserve. (Those who have not ever attended a meet, try to get to one, I know it can be nerve racking but I can guarantee you will be hooked)

BUT the main thing for me is the amount of members we have out there on the forum meticulously
documenting their Build threads and How To’s. What an asset you guys truly are.

This past year for me as your Chairman has to have been the most exhilarating, this is down to the Committee we have in place. Behind the scenes we certainly have worked as a unit, I will hold my hands up and say not everything has gone to plan and there are still things we need to work on.

Dave Perkins your Club Secretary gives 100% on membership, something he jumped into and learnt from scratch on a system/platform that I can say isn’t easy.
Dave came up with the idea of changing how we are on Facebook, this was strongly contested by an ex committee member at the time being told it would be a big mistake, I wasn’t sure but it certainly wasn’t working the way it was.
The way GTOUK Facebook is set up and how it is used to profile our club has worked and is growing more each day as a great advertising medium for us. Thus making sure our forum is active. A clever move when only admins can post relating to our club. This system/setup directs potential new members to our club and the results speak for themselves.

Simon Baker your Club President/Treasure who has been here since the beginning and also a founder member of GTOUK deserves a lot of respect from me as I know he could have abandoned what was thought as a sinking ship many years ago with the club split, instead staying and fighting, believing in what he and a few other started all those years ago.

Mark Leach Committee Member, first year as a committee member this year. Without any prompting, he goes and picks the trailer up from storage in Newark and relocates it to a secure location closer to Peterborough as this became a problem with JAE moving.
Again someone I know loves the club attending nearly every meet in his van due to his GTO rebuild. A level headed person when it comes to decisions made by the committee.

What I’m about to write below is not coming from the committee but myself personally.

When the time comes for myself and Tracy to move on whether it be off the committee or leaving the club I can Guarantee, the last thing I would do is try my best to bring the club down. Something I have seen many times and continuing to see from disgruntled ex committee members and members.

For me these kind of actions are usually from people who command respect, if they don’t get their own way the dummy spits out. “The club will fail without me” or even the attitude of “I will show them”. Get a few of these together and yes it can become a problem.

I’m old school, to get respect you have to earn it, we are a community from all walks of life and levels but to me we are all on the same plane. Here for the same reasons. I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with people I would never have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Again something GTOUK has created.

Where am I going with this?
Bear in mind what I said above.

I received a screen shot from a member relating to the group on Facebook (Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT sales page)

A page run by ex committee members/members. Everyone has a choice on joining this group no problem, but mark my words how they will endeavor to slate our club or the way it is run.
Remember we are governed by a constitution and not individuals, you have a voice here.

Sorry for the long post but had a little time on my hands to write it.


Chairman GTOUK.


i have only been with the club a short time but have got lots of usefull information from ppl on here and even got my gto from a member :slight_smile: always found you all to be helpfull and freindly
the amount of info there is to look through on the site is amazing :slight_smile: been on almost everyday going through old threads looking at “how to” etc and still only gone through a small % of whats on the site :slight_smile:
for me all i can say is i love this club :slight_smile: and the haters can just go take a long walk of a sort pier :slight_smile:
thank you to all the ppl that run the club as know you all busy with your own lives and still find time to do it for everyone and even help out newbs like me with some dumb questions
thank you all :slight_smile:


@alec_shewan, you’re welcome :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Joking aside, I have been a member of this club from the first day I got mine. Joined straight away, on the old site there was a chat section, so I thought, hello, I’ll go on there. Two guys were involved in the chat, you probably have seen them on the forum, a certain @stevie and @CDMH, I popped up, and they said hello. My god, they were speaking to me so I closed the chat. They both said ‘that was quick’ but I didn’t know anyone so didn’t know what to say. I now know the crazies and they make this club what it is.

So glad I’m a member here.

Terry :sunglasses:


Another club :joy::joy: seen em come seen em go same as the wannabee special people ( bee being quite ironic there) problem is these people are life’s everyday users get what they can then throw people under the bus when they are finished.

Over the years I’ve seen these frauds saying how they can do this and that when they get their chance they fail miserably then leave disgruntled and blame others.

Still standing after all these years and will continue to do so.

2018 is shaping up to be great attendance wise, going to be a better of a year by the looks of it


Well said buddy.



This isn’t just a club per se… This is a community. Community’s tend to stick together and look out for one another which is exactly what I see here.

Like most others here (I assume) I joined this club after buying my gto and was looking for advice. Sure there were others at the time, but I chose this one. Mainly because there was a vast amount of knowledge and could quite clearly see how active it was and how helpful all of the members were.

Here’s to another awesome year as part of the GTOUK community :beers:



Agree very much about the community the club is in a good place now l reckon and can see it gaining momentum, good stuff getting done by the committee and new members are joining regularly with returnees as well.
As Dave says 2018/9 should be a good year, looking forward to the AGM with a chance to tweek how we are for the better. We do seem to have left the controversies of recent and not so recent years behind, so let’s be building our club for the cars and the fun of the members, in my book if you have something good to say say it, if it’s not good don,t say nothing.


ON IT! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: looks like your tryin to curl one out! :poop:


Very new guy here and enjoying the work you guys have and are doing. It a great site offering lots of info and the help I’ve seen between members is very reassuring. So I’d just like to say a big thanks.


ive been here for about 2 days & found the help/advice very useful… thanks guys!


The best £20 I’ve ever spent. If it wasn’t for the club I would of wasted thousands on parts I didn’t need! Keep up the good work.! The best bit about it,is the way you lot help each other keep these lovely ladies on the road :grin: