Auto to Manual Conversion? (Sorry if it's been posted a million times)

Morning all,

Is this even possible?
I have seen it online but don’t have my own garage etc. So wondering if someone converts these over from auto to manual and at what sort of cost?
Love the car but can seem to only find good condition autos in my budget range.

Thanks for any info. And see you soon hopefully!

There is a post just been started about this very subject in the projects section @robbiewarriner has started a guide showing how to do it .

These sections are for fully paid up members so you won’t be able to see it at the moment unfortunately


Thank you.
Shame as won’t pay for membership until I get one. :confused:

Thank you again though

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He’s only just started, so by the time you’ve found yourself a decent auto car and joined, there’ll be a comprehensive guide.

I’ve got an auto GTO. I’d love to do a manual swap, but as it’s my only car, I can’t have it off the road for too long and if I did get another car, I’d not be able to afford the donor car/parts.

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Thank you,

Certainly possible, and not that much to it really.
However, you need a fair few parts so someone breaking an na manual would be an ideal donor.

It’s not so much about the main parts, gearbox linkage , as it is about the bits you dont think of, like clutch master, pedal, interior trim, slave, hyd pipes, brackets, etc…
It’s very easy for a the cost of a project like this to spiral.
I personally, think it would be easier and cheaper to buy a manual. They are similar in price to the auto. It’s the tt that is pricier.
If you already owned an auto, that might be different.



Thank you,
yeah it does seem a lot of work,
was looking at the TT as well :slight_smile: