Auto to manual

Hi all newbie oldie here :grin:. Not sure if this has been covered before. Has anyone a link or list of parts required to convert my new project n/a mk1 auto (knackered) to manual gearbox.
Cheers in advance.

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Get some pictures up of your motor , we are suckers for pictures , take it yours is a total loss auto wise ? Some of the stuff will be pretty obvious , clutch pedal , gear shifter linkages gearbox etc , would be easier to buy an n/a manual as a parts car if possible or buy a running n/a manual and swapping your good bits over

It will have been covered in the forum over the years without a doubt



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If the box still has its manual gears ie reverse park neutral you can bypass the ecu and fit paddle shifters, see β€œrusty” in projects and restoration thread.

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Thanks for a kind reception guys. The auto is useless. Bought the car cheap and needs a bit of engine work and hopefully manual box conversion as hate autos :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. No hurry its a long project just asking if anyone has actually done it.