Autoboxes left over


Picking up my original next week from Erith JTautomatic with its rebuilt original gearbox, which means I have one good spare and one with ist and overdrive not working and neither with torque converter . Also long reach brand new starter motor . So if you need one/both let me know and i will post serial numbers . They are with car so if you want a look they will be at JT until 24th then back to Somerset.


How much did they charge to rebuild gearbox? Having some issues with mine so just wondering what worse case scenario is.


£1572 incl Vat . Gearbox in and out rebuilt and torque converter serviced. Picking it up today, I,ll put serial number of my one good one and the other donor on here tomorrow. If it doesnt make the 200 mile journey home will also let you all know.