Automatic gearbox 1990

Hi, can anyone tell me the capacity for the automatic box and torque converter please, 1990 non turbo 4 wheel drive

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Hi @juggy,

If you look in the shop there is a manual on a USB stick, has all the info you need. Mine is a TT so I don’t know about the levels and quantities. Maybe someone will know later today. The committee will probably say that you should really consider posting as a newbie with pics of your car then start asking questions. They are sticklers for that.

Welcome and show us some pics of your motor :joy: :joy: :joy: that’s how it usually goes.

Soz can’t help mate

Terry :sunglasses:

I am not sure about the torque converter fluid level, but my imported owners manual for the GTO includes data for the auto box, and states 7.5 litres. The data also states that checking the auto transmission oil level should ideally be carried out while the transmission is hot, around 75 - 80 degrees.
There are 2 ranges of level on the auto box dip stick, one range for cold, and one range for hot. The truer level should be ascertained when hot.
Hope that helps. I didn’t know any of this, and am just relaying this from the owners manual.