Automatic issue

Mitsubishi GTO 1996 NA Automatic 64K miles. Hesitant to engage in gears, intermittent problem. Changed the TCU did help but now problem is back. Not sure about service record as I bought it earlier this year. Going to change the gear oil and filter. What could be the problem

Does it bump into gear ?
I would definitely change the oil if you change the filter make sure you fit a new gasket too

Yes it is intermittent and bumps into gear.

Ok then I would definitely start with changing the gearbox oil and the filter and see how it goes it could be that simple rather than a solenoid in the box

There is a constant faint whining sound when gears are not engaging and when gear engages with a jolt it is because of car in hand break. There is no burning smell of clutch. Also gear oil look dark but levels are ok. It is booked for service next week. I am not doing it myself because of injury.

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Thanks a lot. I have done it and checked the TCU as well. I think the problem is solenoid or end clutch plate. My OD is fine. Once it starts engaging there is no problem, the only problem is when I start it and switch off and on multiple types and then it starts engaging.

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