Autotrader suck

Don’t know if it is just me or what but I seem to have no end of trouble with insurers. I have a clean driving licence, no fault accidents ever, and been driving for 20 + years.

Now Autotrader have auto renewed my policy at £1111 for a poxy Astra (GTO is dead). I specifically told them not to auto renew. I received no documents from them, no confirmation nothing. They have blatantly stolen money from my credit card.

My policy has sky rocketed because I have temperarily lost my full NCD as my non fault accident claim is still showing open (they also owe me £72 for changing from GTO to Astra). Although I have since found other quotes for around £200!

If it is anything like my Bennetts bike insurance it will now take three months to get my money back.

Be aware that the BGL group,, owns/operates a whole host of brokers such as Autotrader, Post Office, Bennetts, Budget, Dial direct, ibuyeco, M&S, HSBC, RAC, Yes, Bradford and Bingley. They also own and trade under the BISL Ltd banner.

All these companies appear to operate in the same way. I had a policy with the Post Office and then moved to Autotrader not realising they are pretty much the one and the same broker.

Look at the turnover of BGL and their profit - it is enormous. to me it looks like they make their money buy ripping people off and scamming them (or is it just me!).

I think the service they offer is disgraceful and would like to warn others of my experiences with this enormous insurance (?) group.