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Not sure if its just my computer but down at the bottom of my profile, should I be able to attach or brouse for a picture for my avatar or do I need to just type in a link for it and it automatically puts it in ? If I need a link, how do I put a picture onto the web and get a url for it ? :angry: PC’s are not my strong point along with alot of others things before anyone adds to that :smiley:

Use a link to your pic… its much the same way you place a picture within a forum post…

below a post I answered to another member may help you…

You will need to open an account with a web site like Photobucket to place your pictures within…

click link below to get to Photobucket and join for free…:wink:


[quote]Hi All,

Just a Quickie (story of my life)

I want to put some pic’s on the furom to show what John put in is boot today but dont know how to do it.

Can any one help me.

Thanks Carole[/quote]

Hi Carol… :smiley:

Looking a the properties of your avatar you are already a member of Photobucket.com and you must have already uploded your avatar for it to be working ok… so

Do much the same as you did for your avatar… simply upload it to Photobucket… forget what they say about the image size of data as it will convert it for you as you upload it and will NOT alter the size of the picy when you see it.

Once you’ve uploaded it you will see it in on your screen… below the picy is 3 windows/ boxes with addresses in… you want the top window / box which has the word " URL " next to it…

Now highlight the address in the top box and right click and choose copy.

Now when in this forum and you want to place you picy type what ever you want and then click on the " Img " button second in from the right of the top of the window you now typing your post in… then you will see…

now with your cursor next to this right click and paste you address that you just copied from photobucket and finaly click the " Img " button again to get this at the end…

it should now look like this…

this doesn’t work because I have placed a space between the word ".gif " and " "

but remove the space and you will get this…

or even this useing your own address from your avatar… http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/stormymicky/images.jpg

or… http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/stormymicky/image001.jpg

You can get the address to any picy on the net by simply right clicking on the picy and viewing it’s properties… hence useing your address.

This is useful if wanting to use some one elses picy placed on the forum as a refrence within your post without you haveing to get the picy and upload it to photobucket yourself… :wink:

NOTE 1 :-

Sometimes you wonder why the image doesnt show… this is most often because there is a space between the address at the end and the

I often get this myself…

NOTE 2 :-

If you type up all you want to say within a post and then want to place your picy so it apears within / between some of what you have typed you will find that regardless of where you cursor is flashing among the txt you have writen when clicking on the img button on the forum it will always apear at the bottom of all you have typed… not among the txt where you want it… I usualy just type the in myself and the end as you dont have to use the button at the top for it to work.


When you want to place a picy and your on the forum… dont leave the forum to go to photobucket to get your picy address… Press ALT and TAB on the keyboard to lower the forum window/ page down to the decktop bar at the bottom ( or click on the left box/ button at the top right of your screen ) and then click on internet explorer and open another window… useing this new window go to photobucket and now you can move from the forum to photobucket as much as you like which helps to check you got things right if your picy doesn’t apear…

When making a normal post including a picy when clicking on the " preview " button at the bottom of you post your making you will see the picy in the preview screen… if it’s not there then you’ve not got it right yet. :wink:

Hope this lot helps and not makes things worse for you but thats how it’s done :smiley:

You are the man. Massive thank you sir :bangreen: