Back after a long break

Been here a long time and had my MK1 GTO for 10 years now but posting in Newbie section to kind of reintroduce myself to the scene.
After being made redundant a few years back she has been sitting with nothing being done to her except the usual mot and what not.
We had been toying with selling the car a couple of times but as it’s been nothing but reliable for the entire time I’ve had it we just couldn’t part with her. We have 3 children now so it could have easily been sold using that as some kind of reasoning but we have decided we are going to make it my impractical project by making it even more impractical and tearing the seats out of the back, putting some light weight buckets in the front and giving it (for now) a light bit of tuning.
Really looking forward to working on her again.

Just today received a second hand HKS boost controller and will be fitting it (hopefully) tomorrow.
Anybody got any words of advice or caution on this before I start and is there anything I will need when I start to push that boost up a bit?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome back :sunglasses:

Usual things really before upping the boost , a good service wouldn’t go amiss , stick a set of colder plugs in , then log it as your upping the boost until. You get to a safe limit , keep the knock as low as possible and your idcs , 95% used to be banded about but if you can get them to 90 or below even better , too high and you are maxing out your fuel system and will start running lean

Craig :slightly_smiling:

Excellent advice. Thanks for the reply. A service is most certainly on the cards
Done about 400 miles since I changed the cam belt, pulley, and water pump so I’m pretty confident that they are ok, I’ll change oil and filter. I have filter and new sump plug to hand. Just need to go and grab some oil.
Any recommendation on particular plugs?

Now, where the hell did I put my datalogger??? :thinking:

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I ran copper plugs in the end , you have to change them more often but they are loads cheaper , plus most of these motors are not doing regular high mileage anymore , so would easily last a couple of years .

Can’t remember off the top of my head but @GSXRKID or @Marty_K will be able to give you codes

Craig :slightly_smiling:


Welcome back to gtouk. :slightly_smiling:


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Codes for plugs are

NGK BCPR6ES are copper equivalent to std

NGK BCPR7ES are copper, 1 stage colder

NGK BCPR7ES-11 means copper, 1 stage colder, pregapped to 1.1mm

Any motor factor can supply, and sell individually.
Eg Motaquip, APD etc. Halfords are a waste of time, and expensive

I pay around £1.50-£2 per plug

I personally run BCPR7ES, and change the rear 3 everytime I remove the plenum, no exceptions. Front 3 I do every year. I do 800-1000 miles a year.

Welcome back



Marty is on the button on this one

Beware though as Coppers only last about 4000 mile absolute max and may misfire before hand on some cars, Iridium’s are much pricier but last far longer…

Cheers Rob


Thanks for the replies so far.
Will go grab some more plugs tomorrow as am going to a local motor factors to grab a power steering belt (having to take mine off to match it up as I can’t seem to find a match anywhere!), seeing as it was running a bit lumpy tonight a bit like it was missing I need to get plugs anyway.

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Well, I inspected my boost controller before installation this morning. It powers up ok, but I’m missing one filter (the other 2 are filthy) and both of the T-pieces are missing. I need a full set of filters and 2 T-pieces before I can install.

Put a downer on my weekend if I’m honest!:pensive:

I ended up getting them plugs. Then i realised they might be better for the NA version. Are these still going to be OK for my car?

Please excuse my ignorance as it’s been a long time since i worked on my car and have forgotten most of what i knew about it.

They really fine for the tt.
Just don’t ask them to do lots of miles.
I have them in my tt.