Back after many years

Hi all,
Iv not been on the forum in a lot of years partly due to the car being off the road and partly due to being out of the country. I still have my 96 GTO MR. 12years iv had her now.
Unfortunately driving on the M3 just over a week ago the transfer box decided to detonate its self. I have taken it off and stripped it. Annoyingly it has damaged the case so will require a compleate replacement.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for where i could track down a refurbished or second hand transfer box?

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Hi @duncan072 ,

Welcome back to GTOUK :+1:

If you were on the M3 I guess you’re probably local to me :joy:

Regarding a transfer case these do appear to be hard to find - I guess JapAttack may be able to help you??

Also do remember we still operate as a subscription club hence why you have limited access to the forum - for full membership details please see:


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Hi James,

Yeah im Bournemouth area so not too far from yourself.

I gave japattack a message, unfortunately they do not have what i need.

im in bournemouth…what you after

Hi richard.

Im in need of a 6 speed turbo transit box.

Turns out they are hard to come by.

I have a 6 sd one from my 3000gt 96…i had bit of a whine at 70 …but its all intact …what color is yours as i have many other parts …im in west parley…and around at weekend if you wanna pop over

That would be super. I have every intention to replace the bearings and oil seals before fitting the transfer box as i dont want this issue again.
Mine is pearl white.
I will send you a private message to arange a time to pop over.