Back from a very long absence

Hi, I’m Wendy, lived in Leicester all my life. I’ve been away from the club quite a while, just rejoined and renewed my membership. Just need help getting around the website, changed a lot since I was last here and I’m not sure how to get technical help.


Welcome back, forum is pretty easy once you get started.

Welcome back
I live in Hinckley so not too far.
Jerry :grinning:

Hi Wendy welcome back, will upgrade you once payment made in club shop, don’t know if you have done this correctly as no payment as yet.

You will need to be a full member to gain access to the technical cats and more.

Thanks Dave

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You will find this here @GTWOO

Welcome back Wendy :+1:

Hi Wendy.
Welcome back to GTOUK.

Hi, I’ve followed the link and it says I have an active subscription already. Doubled checked my paypal to make sure everything went through ok and it seems to be fine. I made a payment on 11th May, £20.91.

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On I will check that payment, what is your PayPal email address you used as one recently we couldn’t tally up with the user online.
Thanks Dave

Should be [email protected]

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Think it was that one, system couldn’t find it so I’ve added you to full Membership now.

Thanks and apologies for the delay in full membership, as I say system couldn’t find the correct user name via pp email address.
Will double check when home that the subscription is working ok as on holiday and don’t have a computer to hand.

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Thank you for your help, my fault it didn’t work, been away for a while so I didn’t think about the email address change


Hi Wendy,

Welcome back to the club :grinning: nice car.


Hi welcome back :+1:

welcome back to the club :slight_smile:

Welcome back Wendy, always good to see returning members.


Welcome back Wendy :sunglasses: