Bad quote this year from flux :(

got the renewal in for the gto been insured all year and hardly done 300 miles ,going to cancel anyway as the engine needs rebuilt .
last year was £485 this year £ 710 . ffs ive got my other car with them aswell so looks like I could be cancelling both if that comes through with an increase like this lol.

1.50 a mile ******* bargain,would have been cheaper getting carried around on a low loader


Sorry to hear this, If you wanted to PM me I’d be happy to look into this for you.

Kind Regards

cheers dan im going to phone anyway as I need to cancel the gto policy ,I’m saving for an engine rebuild now .

Just wish these firms would give you their best price without having to phone them up to sort it out :angry::angry::angry:


yea when I was with sky it was getting cheaper every year for a change then I decided to try quotes from others and flux did a good deal plus I had my other daily car with them . now they take the ■■■■ . the gto hardly turned a wheel this year but it only does 4k a year anyway when running .weekend car and show car plus ive loads of spares if in an accident can fix myself unless its a major accident so wont claim for a stupid bump that they would write off car for .

Usual Flux why I cancelled with them, like any insurance company! No long time customer rewards,

My best was my Audi, with swiftcover, 500 a year…renewal come in at 800, rang up got it lowered to 750. So I cancelled, done comparethemarket, cheapest quote, swift cover at £400.

Wifey was with Direct Line, when she got her x-type diesel, yeah I know but she was given it by her step dad, her Insurance went from 140 ish to 436. Went onto Go Compare, got her a brilliant deal, 129 fully comp, she was chuffed, I got laid, mwahaha!
Now to sort out mine :slight_smile:

Terry :sunglasses:


iv given up on insuring my gto(s) as every year the price kept going up and up, no claims 9yr+ ncb, thatcham 1 and garaged day and night, sdpo, always nearly 600 fc…

Need to get a GT, not a gto. Mine was £278

With the money I saved I can make a start on the welding from it being a UK car from new…


my gto is 220 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Iv got a pile of rust. Guess you could call it a GT :joy:

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I thought I was good with 530 for it being daily driver haha

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Could be worse… £2400 for me last year with admiral due to losing NCB after getting my last car written off by a polish lorry driver they couldn’t claim any money off. so 0 ncb in a crap manchester postcode.

Wasn’t even about it being a GTO either, quoting for a 140bhp mazda 6 only took £40 off lol.

Did have a look around but most other companies were asking for £4-5k. Hopefully get a better deal this year, I’ll be doing less than 1k miles though it doesn’t seem to be taken into account anyway…

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Has anyone tried Lloyds car insurance? I only pay around 260 per annum, third party fire and theft though not fully happy with that for a car of this age and value.

Thing is Jerry, who’s gonna nick a burning car :joy: :joy: :joy:

Just saying,

Terry :sunglasses:

Mine this year no no claims discount 51 year old £168 full comp me and misses…see what happens end of year! had same with all other cars and home they pull you in then take the pee…

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