Bank holiday sale!

Loads of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years that didn’t fit or I changed direction. Most of it new.

New CXRacing Aluminium Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit. See■■-KIT-3000GT-UPG It’s mounted in front mounted (follow link and scroll down for pics). (It cost $219 + customs + postage). £175 delivered. SOLD

Set of genuine Mitsubishi engine mounts. They look new, but they’ve done about 1,000 miles on my car. £275 delivered. Both side mounts now SOLD – front an rear still available

New solid front + back engine mounts (Rob’s finest!). I wimped out, and decided these were too hardcore for me. £100 delivered. SOLD

New solid bushes for the base of the gearstick and the ends of the gear cables. (It cost $54 + customs + postage). £35 delivered. SOLD

New alternator brush set. Should be ok for cars up to 1996, but check the number you see in the photo. £10 delivered. SOLD

New tie rod ends. An aftermarket version of MB527650, MB864164. £7 delivered. SOLD

New non-OEM Crank pulley, slightly lightened. (It cost $169 + customs + postage). (N.B. It’s for 1992-1999, ribbed belts). £115 delivered. SOLD

New mirror-like polished rear strut bar. But 3SX don’t do the polished version any more. Will include the bolts and bolt to fix the bar to the brackets (forgot to include them in the pic. (N.B. If you have a glass sunroof, this won’t fit unless you remove the brackets for stowing the sunroof in the boot). £115 delivered. SOLD

PTU. It was working fine when I removed it from my car, but it is old, hence £25 delivered.

I’ll take the solid gear bushes, alternator brushes and tie rod ends please

if you’re willing to split the engine mounts id be interested in the cam side mount and the gearbox mount please

i will take the solid engine mounts and the crank pulley for my car


PM your paypal and i will send you the dosh over

You may know where to send them :rofl::rofl:

Someones getting money out of rob

Can we have this pinned


Rear strut brace please

They’re yours. PM me your paypal details (which I probably have somewhere anyway …). I’ll post on Tuesday.

I’ll wait for a week in the hope of selling them as a whole set. But then I would be willing to split.

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Soild mounts and pulley are yours. PM to follow

Damn … so used to paying people … I will send you my paypal details … not the other way round!

Strut brace is yours. PM to follow.

Hi, I’ll take the oil cooler kit.

Oil cooler is yours. PM to follow.