Thanks guys :? .

Any chance of an explanation as to why, perhaps even temporary access to collect the information I have saved in my PM saved box such as my Eurospec quotes and workscopes, plus member addresses and contact details?


Could it be that you are not a member? :?

Unfortunately not. I’ve not been a member for just over a year now, and I simply didn’t have access to all the forum sections. I could always log in, send and recieve PMs to people, etc. As of today though, I can no longer log in, I just get the “you’re banned” message instead. This means I can’t read any of the dozens of saved PMs that I had between myself and friends on here, including a shed-load with Eurospec regarding all the work they’re doing on my car.

Still, I’m sure someone will be along shortly to explain either by reply, email or phonecall as to why my account is locked? :?