BC Racing Coil Overs

I have decided I have to change my BC Racing Coil-overs for “softer” Suspension. These were £699 new from EP Racing and have only covered 950 Miles They are “old” as can be seen from the invoice but hardly used. I’m afraid I’m too old for this type of suspension and with the state of the Roads round here and my back, and it’s also very doubtful unfortunately that I will be returning to Race Track’s so they have to go! They look almost unmarked no Rust. All the Threads seem like new and obviously no Leaks. I am happy to either sell outright, make me an offer or Exchange for a good working set of non Coil Overs that will be kind to my ageing body! They are still on the car and I will remove them when sold.

They are fitted onto a 1991 GTO Twin Turbo

You have a PM