BC Racing Coilovers 4 sale

As it says in the title, anyone interested in a set of BC Racing coilovers which are basically brand new ? Will get some pictures up tomorrow

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how much you looking for?

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They’ve just got a bit of dust on them from where they’ve been off the car for ages, unfortunately I dont have the box they came in, and need to order a C spanner if you want to adjust them.

They were £850 new, I’m not expecting brand new money for them but they’re in good condition and weren’t on the car for very long. Make me an offer :slight_smile:

Ill come back to you with an offer in next few weeks (if still available) with everything going on need to ensure i don’t financially mess up.

I’ll let you know. Thanks for the pics though

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That’s fair enough, I’m in no rush to sell them, let me know when it comes round to it :+1: