Be nice to get a reply

I sent an email to EE asking if a particular product was in stock. That was a while ago. I’ve had no reply at all, not even an acknoweldgement of my email. Could it be that EE is so incredibly busy that it simply doesn’t need my business? Or, too damn lazy to reply? Has to be one or the other, possibly both.

Maybe this might evoke a response. One can only hope.

From what I’ve learnt from past experiences is best to call him as he don’t tend reply to many emails.

Id imagine running a business isn’t the easiest thing to keep up with and I’d think phone calls would come before scrolling through plenty of emails…

As Jerry said give @GSXRKID a call if you need something and I’m sure he will help you if he can…

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Give me a call Robb

Its always best

I just got a text from some one that this had appeared, i t seems i cant even have a day to myself with it involving these cars

I bet you get your days off without getting constant emails and phone calls

There is only myself running the empire and it seriously busy at the moment you want to try doing what i do by your self

I get around a 100+ Emails a day from all over the world and i don’t get a chance to reply to everything that i get as i am too busy trying to deal with all the phone calls i get as well.

I do try to reply to as many emails as i can and i am hoping to have someone starting working with me soon to alleviate this problem.

Best to call me always

As for being lazy i dont have time to be lazy

Cheers Rob


Fair enough. I was a little harsh I admit; apology for that. Thanks for your message/email.

I have replied, and am now waiting for you to let me know the ETA for the defrost vents. The dash is out, (piece of cake really. I guess my wounds will heal over time), and waiting.

Thanks to the other guys, on this forum, who also replied to my first message. Thanks, much appreciated.

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