Beautiful flowers... beautiful friends... Beautiful GTOUK ❤


Some of you will know that Anna’s been through some pretty ruff times latley, we recently found out that after having a full hysterectomy a couple of weeks ago to help her with ongoing pain, the actual reasons for her pain for many years was a bodged up ruptured cist operation.

Due to the amount of repair work our surgen had to do… this weekend she ended up back in and loosing huge amount of blood.

She’s out of the Woods now fingers x

GTOUK came and put a big smile back on her face when she was very low this morning.

Only one word ever sums up UK for me…
Family :heart:

Thank you guys from Anna and myself


Fingers crossed for you guys! Never pleasant seeing family in pain. Hopefully on the road to recovery! Best wishes Dave.


hope she starts to feel better soon :slight_smile:
best wishes to you all :slight_smile:


Glad it brought a smile for Anna Dave, it’s the little things isn’t it.

Hopefully now, with Anna on the path to recovery, and Rusty under your wing you can fully enjoy 2018 :kissing:



hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.



Chin up Dave, best to Anna and from Vera as well :fu: oops! sorry, wrong emoji :rofl::rofl::rofl: :+1:

Good luck

Terry :sunglasses:


Get well soon Anna


All the best and wishing a speedy recovery :+1: