Belated Merry Christmas and FREE SHIPPING ON WEBSITE

Belated Merry Christmas everyone!!

I hope you all had a good uneventful Christmas and a couple of days rest like I have, I even forgot to post this a before I logged out of GTO land and had a few days free from thinking about our cars

This year I thought I would make things a little different and give free shipping to all UK customers until midnight on the 1st of January as gift to you all for all the support i received from this club

Just use the voucher code XMAS2017
This excludes Bumpers and Items over 1.3meters in length

(Customers outside the UK email me and I will do something for you guys too)

This year has been a mega busy one and has kept me unbelievably busy, But I have still managed to source a lot new parts to add to the website and also source some parts that are no longer available from Mitsubishi themselves from the original suppliers in Japan, no other parts suppliers are attempting to do this and just underlines my commitment to supporting this car for as long as I can.

I have a some more interesting things planned for next year including a club dyno day down by us here in Southend and also some new yearly awards that you get to keep, to reward your efforts as some of you guys are doing some great stuff with your cars

It only leaves me to wish you a Happy New year and the hope that your cars behave themselves and you enjoy next year to the max

Regards Rob


Nice offer mate… now I’ll order mk3 bumper with free postage :grin::grin::grin:

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I’ve never seen anybody edit a post as fast as that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


When the shipping is twice as much as the profit in the bumper i had no choice !! :flushed:

quick question rob are the 6x9 speakers each or a pair it isn’t specific on the website?

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Careful he will come back down again Rob :joy::joy:

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All speakers are for a pair Mark except subwoofers they are singular

Don’t forget our new GTO/3000GT specific sub boxes will be available next year too


OK OK i will pay the blackmail money Criag !!


So no non profit sale instead then :wink:

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might have accidentally placed a little order :joy::joy::joy:


@GSXRKID Do You have the Quick Release ( standard ) Bonnet Dampers and the Door Quadrant Covers Rob ? Cheers

Gto/gt specific sub boxes ? Are they like the old style ?

Yes to the quadrants and no to the dampers Spiros

Dampers will be about 10 days as i get them to order as i dont sell many of them

Cheers Rob

They will be made to fit as nice as Martyn’s ones were, but this time will be made the correct size for the sub woofer i bought in special for the box, they will be vented to allow them to reach the lower registers of the bass and we are looking at getting a GTO or 3000GT logo to light up too :sunglasses::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


What is the price for the Dampers can You let me know. Thanks

Also the Outer FRONT & REAR Rocker Cover Gasket kit ! Cheers

@GSXRKID Now that You are here Rob what Do say about these ?

Also the Outer FRONT & REAR Rocker Cover Gasket kits ! Cheers

Now sorted !!

I need the rear hatch window bottom trim?
33% off please :joy: