Big thanksJames


great job done cooking for us all


Amazing job mate , manned the cookers 3 times a day . Hugely appreciated for all your effort and the food was delicious :yum:


James was an absolute :star2: thank you so much for all the sasauge :joy:


No problem was good fun and a big thanks to Simon for all his efforts in cooking aswell.



Triffic mate


Thanks so much James, you never stopped and the food was lovely.

Top chef much appreciated.

Tracie :bee:


Simon/James what an effort and what a result… Got to say the way you two spent most of the days prep and cooking was second to none.

Thank you both.

James you certainly have made an impact buddy.


Big thanks to the chefs from us aswell :+1:

I’ve still got the shits today :joy:


How is shits not in the swear filter but ■■■■ is :joy: well found, I’m on detox… grease detoxification :joy: