Birthday bash 2015

Hi all,

Just to let you all know I have provisionally booked the birthday meet for next year. After various talks with venues we will be heading back to Billing Aquadrome for next year. The weekend is booked for July 18-19th 2015.

Please add your name if you are interested in attending, to get an idea of numbers:

The following have paid

###Camping - £40
Mick Walter
Andy Beanus
Martin Reeves
Gavin Naish
Rebecca Rowe
Claire Sargent
Philippa Baines
Martyn Kitching
Simon Baker
Tracy Parkin
Craig Heritage
Ali Hayes
Tony Meadows
Tony Meadows
Paul Roberts
Martyn Phillips
Terry Wilkes
Paul Wright

###Day Pass - £ (Pay on Gate)

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Now in the shop :arrow_forward: here :arrow_backward: :slight_smile:


Very newbie question coming up… When is it?? I am definitely up for it if it doesn’t conflict with work!

Sorry updated the post now, just doubled checked something, but its sorted now.


Sounds good! Count me in :wink:


Count me in Yay!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Nice one, lets try to make this a big meet. Its a great venue, for those who haven’t been before. It is just beer and camping with a few fun and games, some music etc. Here is a link to the venue, where you will see there is also plenty to do. This is a camping weekend, however for anyone who doesn’t fancy camping there is a hotel (2 min walk) and then you can you purchase a day pass :slight_smile:

Most people do the camping and the camping bookings will go in to the club shop soon, any questions feel free to ask. (I getting the new prices shortly)


As always Neil, count me in.

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Dammmm cant make that date :frowning:

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Are you winding me up, or for real :frowning:


Having lambo doors fitted that weekend :smile:

Ha ha yeah and I am painting my green :slight_smile:

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Nothing wrong with green, wha cha tryin ta say?


Crap meet worst one on the calendar tbh !!!

Yep should be there baring a clash with holidays :laughing: always a good meet really

Craig :slight_smile:

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We should be good for this in super tent!


Yeah I’ll go as long as I’m in the U.k


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We’ll be there.

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Yeah will be there, so count me in…Might have to bale out on this years Birthday bash as possibly going Stateside from 22 May - approx 24 Jul…but will let you know if changes

Now in the shop :slight_smile: :arrow_forward: here :arrow_backward:

@NAS are you running this like last years starting on Friday ? just wondering as I will need to book the Friday off if it is


Craig :smile: