Birthday Bash 2018 13/14/15 July


Well I hope you don’t wipe it on the curtains you mucky sod


I’ll check my diary @Tracie think I’m washing my hair that weekend :joy::joy: if course I’ll be there I’m running tickets to pop down and see my car for those that want too :wink:


Got my ticket @markie1978, now just have to book the B/B :joy::joy::joy:

Hi @Tracie :hugs:

Terry :sunglasses:


Never mind hug emoticons Chuff Nut, crack on with your booking :kissing_heart::hugs:




Ok then, :thinking:

Terry :sunglasses:


Just booked it :slight_smile:

  1. Simon
  2. Stevie & Tracie
  3. James J. (Dave) - will be bringing event shelter
  4. waller1987
  5. Terry be bringing my new tent hahahahahahahahaha


Terry :sunglasses:


me and Soph are booked on but only staying the Friday night and leaving Saturday afternoon :grin:


Well done you young Mr. Wilkes :grin:



Great Kevin, you’ve chosen the best night to stay, Saturday is like an episode from The Walking Dead normally :joy::joy::joy:



Ye I remember :crazy_face:


I want to come to this if l can, would be great to be there but just need to be sure about work first.
Hope so.


Ps we’re taking the Leon :grin:


Stevie & Tracie
James J. (Dave) - will be bringing event shelter
Terry be bringing my new tent hahahahahahahahaha
Kevin & Sophie
Scott & Kelvin



I’m coming just to watch Terry put his new tent up.
Proper funny last year. :joy:


Without help this time… yeah :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Barstewards, am putting it up in the back garden just to get used to it na na ne na na!!! :scream::muscle::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Terry :sunglasses:


I’m going to miss the umbrella tent , I couldn’t watch you struggle anymore I had to help :joy:


Went up ok in my living room, get it out in the field, can’t remember a thing, was weird tho :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


I have the same problem can get it up in the house but in public I think it’s nerves , my tents the same :joy::joy: