Birthday Bash 2018 13/14/15 July

(Simon Baker) #1

Hi All

Posting this up a little earlier than normal, as it falls at the high point of the holiday season, so knowing when it is, helps people to arrange their diaries/holidays etc.

For those who haven’t been before, it’s a great event on the GTOUK calendar, not a car show, just like minded friends camping in a field, relaxing, drinking, eating and lots of laughs, but Billing Aquadrome itself is also a large holiday park with plenty else to do away from our pitch, check it out here

Billing Aquadrome

Holiday Park in Nene Valley, Northamptonshire | Billing Aquadrome

Welcome to Billing Aquadrome, your next leisure destination set in 235 acres of beautiful English countryside in the stunning Nene Valley, Northamptonshire.


Birthday Bash 2018 - 13th/14th/15th July 2018 (Friday & Saturday night depart Sunday)

Venue - Billing Aquadrome Holiday Park, Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton, NN3 9DA

Our Group Plot - Teal Meadow (same as last year for those who went or have been before)

Electric Hook up available this year at an Extra Cost - personal choice.

Cost for 2 the nights:-

Per Car (not just GTO/3000GT Only) Up to 4 People camping WITH Electric = £56.00
Per Car(not just GTO/3000GT Only) Up to 4 People camping WITHOUT electric = £42.00

Passes @£4 per night for the park facilities
Cancelation insurance £10

Pets Welcome (may be extra cost)

To Book….this is direct booking, not through the Club Shop

Call - 01524 781 453 - QUOTE BOOKING REF - 311875

Payment required at time of booking to secure.

State if you would like Electric or Non electric pitch, both are available on the Teal Meadow pitch.

Now we have a good few seasoned campers in the Club after JAE, with upgraded tents etc, I expect this to be an awesome event.

Ticket are collected at the gate under your booking name

Any questions, ask away…


Up and coming events for 2018
Thought I would say hi properly
GTOUK Meets...So What's Up in Next Month or So

Sorry folks another one I’m out of , got silverstone classic following weekend and leave for that on the Wednesday :disappointed:

(Tracy Parkin) #3

You’ll be back from BB on the Sunday :joy::joy::joy::joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #4

Seriously though, that’s a nightmare, I know it’s one of your favorites Craig.



It is easily one of the best meets on the calendar :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #6

Just booked - with electric.

Went like a dream on the phone :+1::+1::+1:
Looking forward to it.
:camping: :beer::beer::beer::hamburger::poultry_leg:


(Dave Soper) #7

Sorry defo can’t do this would have to be a magician to get three shift off :flushed::flushed::flushed:
But on the bright side got booked for japfest :+1::+1::+1::+1:

JDM Combe 2018
(David Perkins) #8

With all this bank holiday sunshine we’re having… few beers and BBQ in the garden…
Think of doing that with great friends, bit of music, chat… plus what Billing has to offer to do ( have a look online)

What a great meet this is to get your summer hols off to a swinging start…

Get booking peep’s

(Tracy Parkin) #9

So let’s get a list going.

Add your name when booked, details for booking in first post.

  1. Simon
  2. Stevie & Tracie
  3. James


(James Jones) #10

Hi All,

Just booked up with electric.

  1. Simon
  2. Stevie & Tracie
  3. James J. (Dave) - will be bringing event shelter


(Jake Waller) #11

I’ll come as it’s my birthday weekend too haha

(Gsxr_kid ) #12

Hope fully going to turn up to this event

When ever i say i am something stops me arriving, so i am only going to say hopefully

Will be there in my new Timber Green 3000GT

(Reece Cambridge) #13

This is basically on the date of when I’m going to be a dad so it’s a no go from me unfortunately!


Congratulations fella. I’m sure you can be forgiven for missing it with that reason

(Tracy Parkin) #15

So will the usual suspect day visitors be coming this year @markie1978 @ScottMR @jensenrichardson?


(Scott Robertshaw) #16

oh yeah,me kelvin and mr buckfast

(Jensen Richardson) #17

I will most definitely be coming for the day.
I have a feeling I will be coming in the elgrand and sleeping in that :wink:

(Tracy Parkin) #18

Sounds like a great 3some :joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #19

Ooops that reply was to Scott, not your comment about sleeping in the Elgrand Jensen :joy::joy::joy:

That was such bad timing on my part, you were too quick with your reply.


(Tracy Parkin) #20

So now we just have to action this… from young @just_cool

“Just booked on MY calendar that weekend off, just have to book it with 'UK now. I know, I’ll wait until @Tracie gives me s…t!!!”

He’s in your hands folks :grin:

So Terry have you booked?