GTOUK Meets...So What's Up in Next Month or So


So next is JDM Castle Coombe on 2nd June, we have a Club stand, always a great meet. Club passes already booked but if you fancy calling in on the day, Day Passes without your car on the stand but in the Public area are available online at £12.00.

Then we have the GTOUK Birthday Bash on 13th/14th July, the weekend GTOUK kick off their boots and relax, hopefully in the sun, but always with a beer, a burger and a tent (or the site has Glamping Pods available right next to where we camp for the less hardened camper @Daveperkins (cough cough). Electricity is also available here, to make the stay a little more homely.

Full details HERE

So to bring us up to the end of July, we have a Club stand at Ten of The Best for the first time, thanks to @jensenrichardson for sorting this, taking place at Elvington Airfield, York, this is run by one of our long time Members @Dave_Naxton.

A little about Ten of The Best, it’s a large, long established car show and drag race event all in one, a few of you have done the track @lukas @kevin_rhodes @jensenrichardson so why not see what your quarter mile time is at this event.

Full details HERE

That takes us through to August, when the biggy comes in to play JAE, never to be missed, when the Club goes all out with, set up, catering equipment, meals provided, and FUN, GTOUK far exceeds what the majority of Clubs do at this event, in the Club Shop now, buy tickets HERE.

For those who haven’t attended before @jensenrichardson will provide you all with full details in the next few days.

Edit: Now done JAE details HERE

Hope that helps you all organise your Summer :joy: