Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


I would like to see if there is any interest in this event. TOTB 2018.
Elvington Airfield near York
It’s a 2 day event July 28th-29th.
I have spoken to the event organisers Straightliners.
We have up untill 2 weeks before the event to secure a club stand.
Ideally I would like to get moving on trying to secure a stand sooner, if we have enough interest.
Here is a link to the event.

Up and coming events for 2018
GTOUK Meets...So What's Up in Next Month or So

I’d be up for this as its close to where i am! Be the first chance id get to meet everyone!


We’ve been to this with the Hulk a few times, great event run by our very own @Dave_Naxton , all being well, we’ll be there again this year on the Sunday.

Not sure we’ll get enough going to warrant a Club stand as not many regular meet attendees are located in that part of the Country, hopefully, but see how this thread progresses and then see if we can nearer the time. If not, we can still meet up with individual tickets.

Be good to meet you @Carl_Saint



I will be up for this as its not too far from me and the car should be built again by then :+1:t2:


Hi I can do the Sunday as it’s near me
@Tracie Sue is asking how Steve is!?


Not far from me, but unfortunately I am away that weekend @jensenrichardson.


@aaron1991ellis your membership needs to be renewed to full membership to attend meets with car.

Cheers Dave (goes to hide again quickly)


@Daveperkins I thought it renewed itself?


You missed this @aaron1991ellis
Membership lockdown 2018/19
You are missing all the catagories
Not your fault but if you could repurchase your subscription if you want to thanks Dave


If we have a club stand this would be the first one GTOUK has done, would be great as we have never had the numbers to do it. Always been asked by @Dave_Naxton to get one.

Membership covers any meet where we park as a club or have a club stand, but obviously not if your parking away from the club at the event.

@aaron1991ellis there was were issues when automatic subscriptions went through, best thing you can do mate is go through the club shop as that works easy enough through PayPal.



Thats a shame @ORV would have been good to catch up.

@davesoper64 See you there Steve is better than at the weekend but he’s still suffering with you know what.

@aaron1991ellis be nice if you can make it especially with your car after your recent bad news



Sorry guys been darting about today.
Shame you won’t be able to make it @ORV how’s the search for a mk1 coming along?

Looks like it’s a good start for numbers.
I will be attending this one. Never been before, so looking forward to it.
Didn’t realise Dave Naxton ran the event.
Or that the club have never had a stand there.
It would be great if we could get the numbers to make it a first for GTOUK :slight_smile:


As I said to @stevie and @Tracie I will be doing this one this year. A long drive but others have travelled to simply Japanese at beauli so this year it’s my turn to get mhorag up to York.



Is it Sunday everyone is doing?



Yep Sunday for me and Sue,are sorting club stand or just meeting up and driving there together?


Looks like we might gave enough for a stand Dave if all going on the same day.

Think @jensenrichardson is sorting that.



Will give it a few more days before booking the stand for numbers.
I will be doing the Sunday as this seems to be when a few others are planning☺


Not got one as yet Jensen. Just waiting for the right one.


Just giving this a quick nudge.
I make it 5 members interested so far.
Will be provisionally booking spaces by the weekend :blush:


Message sent provisionally booking a club stand for 6 cars.
2.Steve and Tracie