Membership lockdown 2018/19

Member’s please be aware we are about to move forward to our 2018/19 membership year.

We have experienced a few issues with new members joining after May 2017 to around December 2017.

If you become locked out please don’t worry, we will be able to get you up and running again within 24hrs, once we have your subscription active via the club shop and PayPal payment.

If you receive a Cancellation Notice you are one of the affected members, and will need to re-join in the above way.

If after re-joining you still experience any problems with access, please contact a member of the Committee.

Thanks The Committee.


Hi Dave,

GTOUK billed me via paypal for £ 0.01 but not my membership - I cant remember how i previously renewed it. will pay via paypal for this year now.



GTO UK are sorry if you have been effected by this Subscription problem, but I do hope people undertsand we can’t allow free acess or discounted to 1p access, otherwise the club will fold.

I hope those effected will just re-sign up again, it will cost no more than you should have been charged


Hi Simon,

No problem - have just renewed manually and paid correct subscription of £20.91.



Another year on the clock then :kissing_heart:


Please please please! Do not try to make up another account, if you loose your login details pm me.



Hi dave i was log out.
Receive email from someone to joined in chatroom.


Dave is at a wedding today so may not be on the forum.

Do you need some help with a problem?

The email about chatroom was from the Club, we have a new chatroom so all Full Members were sent an email.

If you’d like to join, sign up and have a chat.


Hi that’s email was delete as i was thinking as spam mail.

Because it’s come in junk mail. And i think someone trying to take my account details as it’s told me to enter your account details log in.

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OK we can send you another invite to the Stride Chatroom raja :+1:


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Pissed aunt it :joy: day off

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Now what you on about :joy:


Ben Layton can’t login to the forum can’t remember password @skl emailed a reset link but it didn’t work can someone look in to this ? Cheers

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I will do a manual reset tomorrow, it’s time consuming and late.

I’ve emailed him his reset link, his account is affected by the current email delivery issue on the site.

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Sorry I should clarify that this is an updated link I’ve sent tonight, the orignal one expired by the time it was clicked.

He’s in now :+1:


Thanks buddy your a star :star::star::star:

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Can anyone get in touch with user @jameson.kel.bel to inform him that his gmail inbox is over quota so all messages are bouncing: