Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


Message received from Dave Naxton.
Club stand secured.
This will be a first time for GTOUK.
Would be great to get a good amount of members and cars there.
If your interested in coming please add your name to the list.


@jensenrichardson hi as we have now got stand cofirmed is there a reference number we need when booking tickets ?


Just telling Helen about this and just had a scare - that’s our anniversary! Oh is it - luckily it’s the 27th July- that was close :joy:


Hi @davesoper64
I will confirm with the organisers today.


Ok for this one we just need to purchase spectators tickets to cover the days we will be there.
When we have final numbers Dave Naxton will send us club stand passes.


Well might be the first but tickets ordered paid and printed for Sunday 29th roll on for another great GTOUK meet up :grinning::grinning::+1::+1:


Thanks for sorting this Jensen, Steve and I have been a few times but never had enough Club interest to have our own stand so really looking forward to having Club members to park with at last.

This one does the quarter mile, rather than the track like Japfest so a bit different, finding out your time might be of interest to some.

Will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast, being an airfield it’s usually either blistering hot or windy cold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



2.Steve and Tracie
5.Davesoper64 and Sue (paid) Sunday


So this is quite North, where our meets are concerned so where are the Northern, North East/West members who need to get to this one because we rarely have a meet this far North.

Off to look at the Members Location map thanks @spiros and give them a nudge in case they havent been on.



A long way for me - will be driving up Saturday- but lots of members have made the long drive to symply Japanese so now it’s my turn :joy:


Convoy time :wink:


You camping then @James3000GT if you are going Saturday?



Depends tempted to hotel it as it’s a long drive home on Sunday


I’m going to drive up and say hello I think


That’s gonna cost you :joy::joy:


Ticket purchased tonight


2.Steve and Tracie
3.James (paid) Sunday
5.Davesoper64 and Sue (paid) Sunday
7. Craig (paid)


Ticket paid. Will be there for the Sunday day.



Tickets booked for the Sunday.

2.Steve and Tracie (paid)
3.James (paid) Sunday
5.Davesoper64 and Sue (paid) Sunday
7. Craig (paid)



Looking forward to this one seen as can’t make birthday bash . Be good to see you all again .
Are we have a meeting point and convoy cos that at Silverstone was something else? :+1::+1::+1: