Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


Isn’t very far from me so will come along with the eldest with or without a 3000gt.


Be good to see you there @Robbie_jackson


Where are you heading from @davesoper64


Hi @jensenrichardson I live near Selby which isn’t far from Elvington so was thinking meet at MCarther Glenn shopping outlet, South of York ring road about 20 mins from venue.


I am in bedfordshire.
Will be meeting Steve and Tracy on the way, sure we can look into all getting together.


Sounds good as said before GTO convoy to meeting would look great again .


Hi @davesoper64

Be good to sort out meeting up for a convoy in, but looking at the McCarther Glenn outlet on Google maps, it’s a huge place with many car parks all around it, just wondering how we’d be able to all find each other once there, especially if people are approaching it from different routes and entrances.

Is there an easily found land mark we can head to there?



@davesoper64 Hi Dave I’m in hillam near Selby! Might look you up and follow you over whether it’s in a gto or my deisel runnabout


@Tracie There’s a pub round the corner from my house not too far from the a1/m62/m1. Could have a word if you need somewhere to meet up.


My geography isn’t great :relaxed: - without Google maps, a few of us are travelling North up the M18, so it looks do’able Robbie.

See what others think, I’d hate to be in charge of directions it’s only a 1 day event :rofl::rofl::rofl:



@Tracie postcode is Ls255hd :ok_hand:t2:


Hi @Tracie sorry for late reply just come in from 5hr sunbed stint as still in fuertaventura so anyway as you like gogle maps look in satelit mode .as you come off main roundabout it’s a small dual carriageway to the centre keep in right hand lane and still take first exit at the next roundabout follow road along front of centre towards end at last turn in near park and ride station last parking area (sauage shape) would be good meeting place.
Have a look and see if you can follow my instructions lol.


I’m terrible with directions.
Will leave you to get us lost Tracie :joy:


Id be up for a convoy to this if i can tag along… i will be coming up from stockport/manchester way so could meet up anywhere along the way :+1:t2:


Think this would be good place to meet were the drop pin is . What’s people thoughts ?


Happy to meet anywhere, I know the area pretty well. The outlet is a good shout!


If your coming along the M62 I’ll meet you around Leeds and drive up in convoy!


That sounds good to me :+1:t2:


Tickets booked for Sun. Myself and my wife Claire.


Thanks Dave, that looks fine, so that’s the plan then meet at the Sausage Car Park :rofl: time to be decided.

@jensenrichardson we’ll have to draw straws as to who is the leader of the pack and gets us lost :joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :smile: