Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


Ok I’m coming with the eldest + a friend and his son

Tickets booked, assuming we can camp with you lot :slight_smile:


Not sure who is camping @Robbie_jackson.
But yes sure you can camp all together.
Im heading down on Sunday as I finish my holiday on Sat. Think a few others are just there for Sunday as well.


Booking my tickets this weekend just for the sunday… when booking have we got a code for club pass? Or does it come up on a list?



Hi Aaron we just order spectators tickets for the days we want to attend.
Then closer to the date we will finalise numbers with Dave Naxton and he will send us club passes out.


Ahh perfect @jensenrichardson. Thanks for that


Be good to catch up again Robbie been a while hasn’t it.

See you there.



Well I already have my ticket , fingers crossed the car issues are sorted then I’m there , be good to catch up with a few folks it’s been a long time now


Looking forward to it! Can any of you let me know if you are camping and I’ll bring some extra BBQ gear. I’ve got a whopper BBQ :wink:


Big black ??? Don’t tell James he’ll be all over it


We’re just going for the day on the Sunday!


Steve and I are just going on the Sunday @Robbie_jackson not sure if anyone else is camping.



No worries! Let me know if you need anything setting up for the morning as I’ll already be there :slight_smile:


How does about 10 Lattes work for you :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Hah I’ll be Taking my bbq so will sort out a load of bacon butties :slight_smile:


Your on Robbie , well done please like my meat like my enemies , cremated


No problems. Give me an eta on Sunday morning! Msg me on Facebook/here for my mobile number.


Just a quick bump to see if there is any more interest for this event.
We will be finalising number with @Dave_Naxton
For club stand tickets in a week.
2.Steve and Tracie
3.James (paid) Sunday
5.Davesoper64 and Sue (paid) Sunday
6.Carl_saint and Claire (paid)
7. Craig (paid)
8. Robbie (paid)


I’m paid @jensenrichardson along with my wife Claire



Ok guys we are confirming stand space with event organisers tomorrow so last call.