Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


I’ll be there the night before @jensenrichardson to sort out anything that needs sorting!


Great cheers Robbie.
Look forward to seeing you there


So I guess soon we need to sort out what time we are meeting at the Sausage Car Park.

@davesoper64 can you tell us how far in minutes it is from there to Elvington, and, put up a postcode for the Shopping Centre please.

Then we can sort a ‘meet time’.




Hi @Tracie as requested YO19 4TA is the postcode for mc carther Glen (York designer outlet) and Elvington YO41 4AU is 8.8 miles 16 mins travel.


Hi @jensenrichardson

Myself and Geoff maybe able to make the show on the Sunday unfortunately not in a GTO :frowning:
We are currently on holiday but will confirm in the next few days, if we just go for the Sunday how do we get tickets?


Hi mate.
Would be great to see you both there if you can make it.
Tickets can be purchased on the link at the top of the post, or you can pay on the day.


OK, doors open at 8.30am, so for those meeting at the Sausage Car Park (postcode YO19 4TA for convoy to Elvington (as above) we will meet at 8am for a sharp departure, there could be big queues driving in, so anyone not there by 8.05am/8.10am, see you on the stand.

Don’t forget your tickets peeps.

@Robbie_jackson, don’t forget the butties/coffee :joy: and enjoy your camping, see you there.




Has everyone got their tickets as I have yet to receive mine?



I’m buying mine on the day mate.
Club stand tickets are being sent to me, but will arrive whilst I’m on holiday. So I will bring them with me. These are for club stand only and must be used with a entry ticket.
If you haven’t recieved your tickets by Monday give the organisers a call bud.


I printed my tickets as soon as I bought them online.


Sorry just realised I can download my entry ticket so all sorted- will pick my stand ticket up off you




2.Steve and Tracie
3.James (paid) Sunday
5.Davesoper64 and Sue (paid) Sunday
6.Carl_saint and Claire (paid)
7. Craig (paid)
8. Robbie (paid)
9. Mark Leach


Afternoon everyone @tracie
Sorry to say will not be making it too TOTB as the old girl is still in bits waiting for some grub screws that were missed out when the new turbo fans was posted out , still in post we’ve been told so this means m.o.t. Not done!!!
So the waiting still continues.


That’s such a shame Dave.

Hope you get it sorted soon give our regards to Sue.



Thanks Tracie been looking forward to this for ages but sods law .
Will pass your regards on to Sue and you lot have a great day
Till the next time :+1::+1::+1:



Just purchasing said Bacon buttie ingredients now! I’ll be there from 10am on Saturday. Assuming I can get the tents near the gto Uk stand, if not I’ll find the stand spot and setup for back sarnies at the gto Uk spot :). See you Sunday and please call me if you need anything


Weather forecast is heavy thunderstorms and 40mph winds! Ffs!


Sorry to hear you won’t be abe to make it @davesoper64 Hope the parts turn up soon.
Look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday, and hope you have a good day on Saturday Robbie.
Club stand passes have arrived.


40mph winds isn’t a problem Carl. But if there’s a drop of rain Im not coming, can’t get the bottom of the car wet :joy:


It’s raining here! :exploding_head::tired_face: