Ten Of The Best 2018 - York - 28th/29th July 2018


Sunshine has been glorious since the rain this morning! @Tracie do you know where the club stand is going?


Well I’m here in York at the hotel. Time for a beer I think. Long drive but mhorag ran fine.



How was the show today mate? Looking forward to this one… just buying my ticket on the gate so wondering how we will get the club stand passes? I will be meeting at the meet point at 8am for the drive in :+1:t2:


Bacon sarnies will be done for 9ish if the weather is good I’ll pack the tent up and setup at the club stand. There was some really fast times today inc a lambo that did a rediculous time. Only one gto ran today with 10-11s


Just found a nice back street boozer in York an it’s £2 for a pint - back up north- happy days :grinning:


I have the club stand passes with me @aaron1991ellis
They got delivered whilst I was on holiday so didn’t get chance to send them out I’m a afraid.
Will pm my mobile number and come and meet you at the gate if you aren’t arriving with us bud.


No @Robbie_jackson don’t think we’ll find out till we get there.

Jensen is bringing the Club Stand passes.

Have a great night see you in the morning.



Morning everyone I’m in the location- north car park.


Big thanks for organising this @jensenrichardson, shame we had to leave early but it didn’t make much sense staying when we all had to sit in our cars sheltering from the rain.

Good to meet you @Carl_Saint and Claire hope your first meet experience hasn’t put you off, blummin weather.

Thanks to @Robbie_jackson for cooking us all a bacon buttie those were much appreciated.

Roll on the next meet, which is Japanese Performance Show on 19th August.



We definitely picked the wrong day! Good to meet a few of you! See you on the next one hopefully!



Weather ay!! Nice to see some of you again after a long time and nice to meet and chat to some new people too :slight_smile: shame about the rain but home ready for the f1 now :joy:


The best mel could do :roll_eyes::joy: think i will take some photos myself next time


Good to meet you all today , a dry day and it would have been a cracking day

@Robbie_jackson thanks for the bacon butties mate , much appreciated and needed

Thanks to @stevie and @Tracie for last night too , great food drink and company


That black gto on the end needs lowering :joy::joy: " if I park here no one will notice "


Guys sorry I didn’t get round to chatting with you all today.
Was hoping the weather would break and we could look around the cars and have a natter.
Really hope the wash out today doesn’t put you off of future events.
Real shame with the weather, but looking forward to Japanese Performance Show in a couple of weeks.


Not at all mate i was hoping to have a look round everyones cars too… was a real shame with the weather, and thanks again to @Robbie_jackson that bacon was top notch lol…


First time we have a presence at this meet and we are hit by the weather.

Saying that good to put faces to new members and catch up with old.

@Carl_Saint and Claire, sorry you had to endure this on your first meet, but hey try not to let this have any effect on the next one.

@aaron1991ellis and Mel, been a while since we met, always good to see you.

@CDMH great evening & a good laugh as usual.

The rest of you I’m not going to harp on about, as all I can say is great effort making it Oop Norf, @jensenrichardson one hell of a hard man with just a T Shirt :-).

Roll on the next meet




Yeh was gutted to be honest - but that’s always the chance you take with a car meet. TBH it’s the first one I’ve left due to weather.



Nice to see some of you all again and meet some new faces. The weather cleared up by 1pmish and saw a few races. Hopefully see you all at Jae. :slight_smile: