Birthday Bash 2018 Pics


Plenty of photo clicking this weekend so post them up here so everyone can see what a great event this is.

First pic is a bit dark but no prizes for guessing who that is :joy:



And a huge thanks to the happy shoppers and cookers who kept us well fed all weekend.



And when it got a bit too hot and tiring for a few of us… relax :grin:



Looks like a great weekend folks :sunglasses: So glad the weather was kind for you too


Great time thanks to alll for the organisation and food.
really good two days for me, next stop JAE.



Here you are @Tracie, tried to get your picture a bit better, :stuck_out_tongue:


Terry :sunglasses:


no wonder colin was tired if he’d been chasing all them birds :rofl::rofl:

cracking weekend as always thanks to the chefs for the food and i thoroughly enjoyed the nice relaxing day spent amongst friends drinking and laughing you couldn’t have asked for anything more from a weekend

mark :grinning:



I took a few pictures too, as usual probably last to go on. :flushed:

Not that sure footed @kevin_rhodes, but then again

Saw these three reprobates by the water,…Ooh Ooh! is it a fish,

Stevie playing with his tiddler

One more soppy one of the swans

Terry :sunglasses: