Birthday Bash 2019 12/13/14 July


We have contacted billing and confirmed our bookings.
Our pitches have been reserved so we should all be together as a group.


That’s gret news Jensen, thanks for doing that.

See you all tomorrow.



Well done @jensenrichardson, heard stories about us being spread out, so well chuffed.

Terry :sunglasses:


Have a great weekend folks !!!:sunglasses::beer::tada:


Make it a good one, have fun :grin::grin::grin:



Thats a posh cup or is it porch or porsche :thinking:


Vw vw vw vw :laughing:


Where about are you guys located as I’m still looking to pop over and say hi :slight_smile:


Hello, we arrived in our GTO to the GTO show, but were here for the day, but cant work out where it actually is, or where to go


Will find them in teal meadow over the bridge behind the leisure centre


@stephanie I see you drive by about 20 mins ago


GTO weekend :joy::joy:


Looking well @3000gt :+1::sunglasses:


My favourite Birra :beers:


Enjoy guys & girls :slight_smile:


Well all home and unpacked- just drying the event shelter



What a great weekend, meeting old mates and saying hi to Dave and Stephanie.

I wonder if @lucas has woken up yet, never saw a person so dead to the world outside :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Glad everyone got home safe and hope @stevie and @Tracie managed to get dry on the way home.

Terry :sunglasses:


Just downloaded these pics from my phone

Terry :sunglasses: