Birthday Bash 2019 12/13/14 July

Hi All

Posting this up a little earlier than normal, as it falls at the high point of the holiday season, so knowing when it is, helps people to arrange their diaries/holidays etc.

For those who haven’t been before, it’s a great event on the GTOUK calendar, not a car show, just like minded friends camping in a field, relaxing, drinking, eating and lots of laughs, but Billing Aquadrome itself is also a large holiday park with plenty else to do away from our pitch, check it out here

Billing Aquadrome

Holiday Park in Nene Valley, Northamptonshire | Billing Aquadrome

Welcome to Billing Aquadrome, your next leisure destination set in 235 acres of beautiful English countryside in the stunning Nene Valley, Northamptonshire.


Birthday Bash 2019 - 12th/13th/14thth July 2019 (Friday & Saturday night depart Sunday)

Venue - Billing Aquadrome Holiday Park, Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton, NN3 9DA

Our Group Plot - Teal Meadow (same as last year for those who went or have been before)

Electric Hook up available this year at an Extra Cost - personal choice.

Cost for 2 the nights:-

Per Car (not just GTO/3000GT Only) Up to 4 People camping WITH Electric = £56.00

Per Car(not just GTO/3000GT Only) Up to 4 People camping WITHOUT electric = £42.00

Passes @£4 per night for the park facilities
Cancelation insurance £10

Pets Welcome (may be extra cost)

To Book….this is direct booking, not through the Club Shop

Call - 01524 917311 - QUOTE BOOKING REF - 342656 ask for Mark if you have problems

Payment required at time of booking to secure.

State if you would like Electric or Non electric pitch, both are available on the Teal Meadow pitch.

Ticket are collected at the gate under your booking name

Any questions, ask away…


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  1. Simon Baker
  2. Steve Parkin
  3. Tracy Parkin
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  1. Simon Baker
  2. Steve Parkin
  3. Tracy Parkin
  4. Marty K.

I’ll be there.


Not sure if the gto will be complete by then.

@Mr.G The birthday bash is more of a get together than a car event.
Some of us do come in the gto/3000gt but a lot of people come in other cars.
It’s a really laid back meet, a few drinks, food and a good natter.


Just a reminder about this event, if your car isn’t show ready it’s a Club kick back and come in any car, and a great weekend to meet up and have a relaxing natter.

Venue is tops full on family holiday Park with loads to do during the day.

If you are thinking about JAE this a great chance to test out your camping gear too.




  1. Simon
  2. Stevie, Tracie & Nero

To book call 01524 917311 and say you want to add-on to Booking Reference 342656



Folks for those that haven’t been this is a great meet , really chilled out and laid back , don’t even need to be in a GTO/GT , just turn up and have a relaxing club weekend , plenty of stuff to do at billing if you do feel the urge to seek more thrills too , one of my favourite meets on the calendar but I will be at goodwood that weekend


I will be coming to this will get booked and paid up - as Craig says it’s a great weekend- and no need to be in the GT if it’s still on ramps :joy:



Always pop down for a day but will be camping :tent: this year. Hopefully lil will be coming as well.


The smallest tent ever :joy: or will you be sharing with @CDMH and his gimp mask :joy::joy: like at JAE


Dont get Jerry jealous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I’m not doing anything this year, is going to be a tough year this year and hoping for it to ease off next year


Got an upgrade mate.
Nothing fancy, but big enough to stand up in this time :rofl:
Funny though how when lil decided she would have a go at camping at events with me, we get a decent size tent.


To be fair mate you could stand up in your other tent :joy:


Next meet on the GTOUK calendar is the Birthday Bash.
This one is more of a member get together than a car show.
Some bring the gto/3000gt others opt to leave it at home and come in the daily car.
We get together to have a natter, a few drinks, a bite to eat and a good laugh.
This is a great event to attend to introduce yourself as a new member who has never been to a event, and get to know other members.
It can also be a good one to get advice on car issues, and pick up a few ideas.


Can’t believe I’m missing it this year it’s always a good 1 for me to make a fool of myself :rofl: due to my racing commitments I’m missing most of the meets this year booooo :tired_face:

Hey GTOers, was wonderin how much it would cost me just to come up for the day :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Stephanie

Just looked on the website for billing , pretty sure it was the same last time too , £10 for a day visitors pass , you could pop along and meet the GTOUK folks then


Heyy, thank you very much:):slight_smile: one quick favour, could you send me the link for day pass tickets please ) thank you

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