Club Events and Dates 2019

Here is the list of club events for 2019

22nd nec @ Birmingham

19th-21st mod nationals @ Coventry

4th-5th agm and Silverstone @ Northampton


Birthday bash

26th-28th Silverstone classic

9th-11th jae

18th jap performance @ Coventry

13th -15th Yakushi Show @ Towcester

28th-29th Japshow Finale @ Santa Pod

8th-10th nec @ Birmingham

?? GTOUK xmas party @ ??

These are set club events.
As you know we put up a events to look at list for 2019 linked below.

We will still look at this list as events on it get closer to see if there is enough intertest in attending.
There are a couple of events here we think would interest members but we are still awaiting location and dates especially the Evo Festival and Mod day, a lot of members showed an interest last year before it was cancelled.

If you are interested in an event its important you let us know.
Some of these events are costly to the club to book, so we have to know you want to attend them.
Some of the events cost a set amount to book a club stand and need booking early, the club uses funds to pay for this. We don’t make this fee back on ticket sales as we want to keep costs at a minimum for members.
Others will only let you book a club stand by buying 10 tickets. The club has to buy these to then sell to members. We cant sell club stand tickets if we don’t have a club stand. 10 tickets at £25 each =£250.
If then only 5 members buy tickets the club is out of pocket by £125 for 1 event.
This is why we have to be selective when setting out events at the beginning of the year, and giving members enough notice of event dates.

One of the great things about GTOUK as a club is that we attend these events/meets. A lot of clubs are struggling to get the numbers demanded by event organisers to financially manage do this.

This is an ideal time to remind members old and new that every full member is welcome to display on the club stand.
Your car doesn’t have to be show room condition. we all have ongoing projects, dinks, chips, a bit of peel ect ect its all welcome.
Its Great to get to these events and meet members, pick up ideas or get advice/troubleshoot face to face with the cars there.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019


Just seen this today

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Looks like a good event.
I have added it to the possible events list, but the club are already booked in for agm on the 4th and silverstone on the 5th that weekend.

+2 For Jae :man_bald::blonde_woman:

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