Yakushi Show - 13th -15th September 2019 - Towcester

As many of you probably know there is a new Japanese car show starting up this year.
Nigel who used to be part of the JAE team is now organising his own event.


A few key points about the show.

Date -13th-15th September 2019
Location - Whittlebury hotel and spa, Towcester NN12 8QH

Club plots need to be purchased by the club.

ticket prices per member
Saturday only 9am-6pm £16.50
3 day camping ticket £32.50 access from 9am Fri
(Club tickets would possibly be higher if we attend due to costs of food and entertainment. This would depend on numbers and what entertainment we could provide. The club as always would subsidise this as much as possible for full members)

This is going to be a back to basics type of event.
No club games or bands, fireworks, fairground rides ect

Traders are allowed and just buy tickets as car club members do.

There will be an outside show n shine and a few awards.

The organisers are encouraging us to make of the event what we want as a club. They are basically saying bring whatever entertainment you as a club want.
As long as we shut down at 12 midnight each evening.

Non Jap cars are allowed, but we are asked to keep them towards the rear of our car display area.

If members would like to attend this event we can book plots and start organising entertainment/food ect.
We have already added 2 new events this year, and have seen a decrease in members attending events.
Because of this we need to get feedback from members, if you are interested in attending this meet let us know.


I’m well up for this.


Out of this one due to date’s… as tempting as it is to bring other car’s.

I would imagine a back to basics is what everyone would like… it’s been mentioned enough that jae had become too commercial.

Central ish too :+1:


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Hi @jensenrichardson
I will have to give this a miss as I will be in SUNNY Beach Bulgaria :sunny:

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Looking to get 2 GTO’s (at least) to the Japshow finale at the end of September so would have to miss this, also done a lot of basic shows the past year and would only go to them for a morning rather than a full weekend at the moment

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Me and Trace are hopefully going to this.


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The club has booked a camping area for the Yakushi show.
Please buy your tickets here.


Anyone who is attending please put your name down so we can order more space if required.

Weekend or day tickets are available.

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Well up for this.

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Great Marty
Me lil and the kids aim to make it a camping weekend.
We can look at what the club can lay on closer to the event, when we have better idea of numbers.
Hopefully a few of us can make it.

The tickets on the link are general admission.
How do we go about buying tickets for our club stand?

You just buy one of them Marty.
The space the club purchased is where you will park rather than the display car park.

I’m well up for this


I will probably do fri/ sat on this one. (Overnight fri)
I need to make sure I can get sat off, but should be okay.

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Can’t believe this has come around so soon , to those going on Friday have a good one and give us all some feedback of what it’s like and what potential it has for the future :sunglasses:


Anybody at this ?

We all are , we never invited you :joy::panda_face:


Fk3rs :astonished::rofl::rofl::rofl: