Birthday Bash 2019 12/13/14 July


From what I remember you just pay on the day when you arrive for day passes :+1:


As Craig said you can just pay on the day at the gate @stephanie.
Hope to see you there.


Hello hello,
Cor it’s Been a while s’invente I’ve checked in on GToUK!
Birthday bash sounds like a good laugh (even rolling up in my corsa).
I get back from my travels on the 20th of June so I’ll have to see closer to the time if I have the funds to come along as it’s quite a distance from where I’m based.
Look forward to hopefully meeting more of you.


Hi Charlie.
Would be great to see you again if you can make it bud.
How is the car search going?


Hi C 2
Good to hear from you, hope you get there or to some of the other events.


Looking cosy this year, an evening with President & Chairman, oh not forgetting our 4 paws of course :hugs:


  1. Simon
  2. Stevie, Tracie & Nero

So to get an idea of numbers, has anyone else booked and not posted up here, or, definitely knows they are going but not booked yet, appreciate some like @charlie2 can’t commit until nearer the day though for work reasons?

It’ll be a good weekend, it always is, with big or small attendance we always have a good laugh, one to not miss if you haven’t been before.



Well, I’ve just had a massive row with Vera, her family are over from Germany. She says I have to be available on the 13 July. I told her I’m not coming back from Northampton on the Saturday evening. Hottest day of the year and you can skate on the ice that’s in my house right now!!!

Just going to start the GTO up and go for a drive, gets me out of the house.

Will book it up next Friday as have spent quite a lot of dollars the past month, on myself of course. :rofl::rofl::rofl: and its all @Tracie 's fault :wink::flushed:

Terry :sunglasses:


Take it steady Terry, don’t go out driving if you are in a rage :kissing_heart: sorry it has caused you a problem though matey.

As regards BB, we know you’ll be there if you can and always great to see you and that very special relaxing chair you have which always makes me so jealous :joy:



I’m definitely coming to this. Just need to book will do so soon.



Well done James , that’s going to stop more people going now :joy:

  1. Simon
  2. Stevie, Tracie & Nero
  3. Jensen & Lil


I’m hopping to pop in if I can as I have a pass for billing. :slight_smile:

That’s if I ever get the car back from the garage…

  1. Simon
  2. Stevie, Tracie & Nero
  3. Jensen & Lil
  4. Dave


Birthday Bash is getting closer now guys.

JULY 12/13/14

It would be great to see some members booking up so we have an idea of numbers.
It’s a great weekend or even just a good day out if you can’t do the full 3 days.
Not everyone brings the gto/3000gt so come in the daily if you want.
The weekend is about meeting up and having a laugh.


I’m in, just gotta book it.

Terry :sunglasses:


Don’t leave it too late Terry, there is an event on the same weekend, Carp in The Park and could be busy.

We don’t have reserved spaces at this one. :+1:



OK, will do it today then :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Just paid myself @just_cool@James3000GT @Colin_GTO @lukas @Mr.G @charlie2 @Marty_K
Anybody else… limited space now they said as above busy weekend.


Booked it, didn’t know that the electric and non were on different parts of the field, so have paid for electric. Have to buy a kettle now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


All booked up with electric :+1: