Birthday Bash

Would like to thank Neil and Sam for the club’s birthday bash, had a really good time again and the weather played a part in it as well, looking forward to JAE and meeting up with everyone again who won’t be at simply Japs at Beaulieu.

Agreed thank you guys x

Sam and Neil absolutely nailed it , belter of a weekend

Craig :slight_smile:

Just like to add to the list of thanks for Neil and Sam. Wonderful weekend and a great game of pass the parcel.

Also thanks Tracie for the vodka jellies, they definitely caught me off guard when they finally dissolved in my stomach.

Huge thanks to Neil & Sam, Steve and I know you put a lot of time and effort into this, and it certainly paid off, what a great success.

Your personal little touches of birthday presents for everyone, pass the parcel game and the birthday cake, were lovely and great fun.

You guys really have put his meet on the calendar as one of the best of the year, well done.

Tracie & Stevie

Thank you for the really nice comments, but it’s the members who is making our meets so special. We can only guide people with meet suggestions and add topics to the forum etc, everyone else needs to keep attending meets, commenting on forums sharing your build etc to make this a bigger and better club.

It was nice to see everyone pitch in, the cooking, setting up, packing up, fixing cars (Mine, Gavins, Ali, May more) shopping, bringing entertainment, bringing food and drink etc. Also generally getting involved in all of the events and adding ideas for future events.

Cant wait for Simply Japs and really looking forward to JAE. :slight_smile:

Neil and Samantha

Another great GTOUK birthday bash. Well done Sam and Neil. Can’t wait till next year.

Another great birthday bash!
Thanks very much.

Thank you Sam and Neil for organising such an event. I had a great time and can’t thank you enough for the hospitality.

On a side note I seem to have claimed someone’s teabags. If they’re yours I sincerely apologise and will bring them to either the next meet which i guess is Beaulieu or JAE.

Thanks again


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Just drink them Andy :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

They aren’t very nice. :lol:

Lol you don’t remember who’s teabaged you?!

Wow you drank more than I thought!:wink:

I really must be a lightweight then. :lol:

Is that why I got sunburnt except for the around the eyes?

Did I pass out at not realise? :lol:

At least I didn’t destroy a boat. :wink:

oooohhh the boat comes back up again

Butler will never be able to live that down , ruining poor Sam’s boat she looked so upset when that broke like a little girl that has lost a kitten , shame on you Steve :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

Don’t you mean armoured. :lol:

Ha ha good one. Ssshhh don’t mention the boat :slight_smile:


Lol just my idea it was Stevie that did the damage :roll: :shock:

It was a brilliant weekend.

I didn’t have my car at the time, but being it was so close to home, we went anyway. So glad that we did. Cracking time yet again!

Thank you for organising it Neil/Sam and indeed to all those that made it a right laugh!