I have some bits no longer needed, so someone might aswel use them, all prices include p&p;

Forge atmospheric dump valve inc bung, been on for less than 1000miles £40;

4 ecs tops (2front,2rear) continuity tested £40.

K&N air filter with MAF £50 been on for 2000miles. SOLD

there are 2 little breaks in the wire casing and a few bends (see below) of the fins but other than that its in very good condition

i have also found some magnecore leads, but when i fitted the blue 80kv set my car ran rough so i bought a new set. I also have a red 85kv set again did the same but only at high (5k) revs so im sure there is a good complete set and i did check all resistance values of the wires and all seemed fine.
Anyway £40 for 2 sets.

I have also found a incomplete set of leatherette to trim a 3000GT/gto there are 3 peices missing, the centre tunnel carpets, the gearstick and handbrake, but i know i have the last two somewhere so i’ll update this thread when i find them, again £40 with fitting instructions.

i have also found a underdrive pulley for the multirib belt in ally £30

and lastly a T.P.S. i bought by mistake £15 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT


Photo of K&N pls ?

pics and more added


pm sent :smiley:

What does that leatherette trim exactly ? I can’t seem to recognise much for the instruction picture below.

Is it like the doorpanels and stuff ?

it will do this excluding the carpet tunnels, i have since found the gear stick and handbrake covers. (sorry mods for ebay link)


Not sure if i like it completly red on the inside, but i do like those bits in the door panel.

Does it do the chairs as well ? And how hard is this to fit (for a noob with no experience in fitting anything :oops: )

It doesn’t do the seats karim, i had ago at doing it on the centre tunnels and its quite easy you just need to buy a staple gun and spray glue, i can take a pic of what i did if you want, i just spilt glue all over it so it ruined the finish :oops: :cry:


pm sent regarding the k&n