Blank Newsletter!

Well we are half way through our timespan for receiving articles and must say we are a little disappointed at the response so far, apart from 2 Member Profiles Steve and I have sorted, we’ve received nothing yet :roll:

Could all those who have already said they’d send something, let us have them as soon as please, plus anyone else who is able to submit something, email to :-

[email protected]


Tracie :smiley:

Somehow we managed to pressgang Stevie and Tracie back into doing the newsletter again, please don’t let hours of torture go to waste. :lol:
Someone must be good at writing, to be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re not, just put some info together and the rest will be done accordingly. I know the year is young regarding big events but there has been local meets, the A.G.M. and plenty of people doing self builds and upgrades.
It doesn’t have to be a book, just some words and maybe a couple of phots if they’re available.
We just want to get some stuff together so it can be sent out to the whole membership.
Not everyone posts or attends meets, it will be nice for these people to see what happens outside a computer and a chatroom. :wink:

Please ! :smiley:

Mark. :slight_smile:

Not forgetting all the stuff that happened last year as well… You guys who have done rebuilds, body kits… anything!

As Mark said, Steve and Tracie have been good enough to give us time again, lets make sure they have something to do. :slight_smile:

i,ll try and do a resume of the rising sun show next week as l am going tommorow , robbiej is already there , maybe there will be af ew more gto,s over the weekend

we have a scottish meet on the 25th in aberdeen and a clanjapan one the weekend later so will talk to markdas and try and get something together if not too late :wink: i could also send in a write up on my install or bonnet mod. if required.


Oops sorry, will get on to the quiz-had a few things on my mind over the last couple of weeks but should be able to crack on now.



I have just sent a letter to the e-mail addy.

was quiet difficult cos not drove my gt for over a year now but all is in the letter.