Blown Head Gasket

Hi Guys i hope everyone is well.

As the topic header indicates my GTO has blown its head gasket (cries)…
I need to rally the GTO/3000GT army. I found a specialist who is willing to carry out the work but i have been tasked with getting a hold of the parts what i have been asked to get is the following.

1: Full cylinder head gasket set (both sides)
2: Timing belt kit
3: Water pump
4: oil and oil filter

I have found some reasonably priced sets on the internet for all these parts but i would like to have you guys opinion or if you know of any of the above parts where i can get. Bare in mind my one is a JDM spec and i need parts compatible with the Japanese models.

Any help you guys can afford would be greatly appreciated.


Rob at evilempire can sort you out. Only sells the best quality


I’ll check it out.


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The reason for asking is we usually aim non full members to introduce themselves with their car etc… when it comes to more technical questions and issues their are sections for this that are available to full members only.

Let me know if you need help with membership etc…