Blue 1992 GTO

20 Character sad face :frowning:


Good luck with the sale mate , if this had of come up before Eleanor I would have snapped your arm off


Gorgeous colour.

Hope you find a good home for her.



Aye :dizzy_face:

The boat as been pushed out to sea. PX’d in the end, no hassle and good deal. Took another trip to London, didn’t survive it’s 2nd bash to well, car stunk of gear oil, in 2 months of not being able to put over pit,

Transfer box was leaking from seal, rear steering rack started ■■■■■■■ out which is what was causing wobble I believe (Didn’t consume no fluid though, possibly air locks in system)

Couldn’t sell the car knowing of problems, so it’s gonna go to auction from a Stealer.

Been a pleasure guys, but after my Audi, old cars are not for me!

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Missed this post sorry to see your problems, I think you just got unlucky with a bad one tbh, sad to see you go but know where your coming from.
Good luck Dave

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Nice to have seen you onboard and good luck in the future :sunglasses:

Always welcome back here :+1:

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Just appeared on eBay!

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Nothing in the description as usual :persevere:

Looks like a steal in the advert …potential easy fixes though hmmmm :thinking:

Nah I don’t drive me own enough


Looks ■■■■■■ good!

Avoid lol, 2 months not maintained caused hell,

Can point anyone in the right direction if they want to buy, just have a heavy wallet, I didn’t have the heart to pass it on as is.