Blue Twin Turbo GTO

I have had my GTO about a month now and havent stopped smiling since ! 91k on the clock but it had a new engine fitted by evil empire about 2 years ago at a cost of £5k.
The car cost me £4500 but worth every penny. If I can find out how to post pics I will do so.


Hey welcome along to the club. Nice looking motor.
@GSXRKID you’ll be able to shed some light on this one then!

Where abouts in the country are you?

I did no such thing

You have been lied to my friend

Give me a call and lets chat

Cheers Rob

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Hi Rob,
Sorry I have just checked the invoice it was a company called sumiyaka who did the engine. You did some work on it in 2014 on the brakes . 13/06/2014 ,my apologies.
But it is a cracking car.
Happy to chat about it though anytime.
Not sure where to find your number,but mine is 07876680569.

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Im in Leeds .
What can I tell you ,ive only had it a month,still getting used to it.
Only thing that doesnt work is the active aero. But there is a GTO/GT specilaist about half a mile from me. Hes looking for the part it needs.

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Is that Graham’s Autoworld or something like that, he had a bad write up and slagging off on here not too long ago. I personally never had a problem with him but others have.

Just letting you know,

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi welcome to the club :+1:
Did see this on eBay a few weeks ago
Company that did engine went bust feb 2012 this may shed some light on that :+1:

Chap that owned the company is pretty well known.
Rob knows him, as do most of the older members. @CDMH

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Yes autoworld2003. He’s been ok with me up to now.

Yes,had a quick chat with Rob earlier today,very helpful. Turns out he knows the guy that had car previous to last owner. Says it will be a good car as it had a lot of money spent on it.


Cheers,just finding my way round.


Yes definitely had work done by sumiyaka i can see there old sticker on the Camcover .

I did see that car when it was advertised , looks tidy , glad your enjoying it :sunglasses:

Craig :smile:

Welcome to the club


Craig the car is Frankie’s old car Had tonnes spent on it as you know !!

Thought i recognized it , though it never got seen out and about much on the club scene

Craig :smile:

I recognized the front cam cover, but couldn’t think who’s it was and yes your right it never came any where any meets

I do hope to bring it to at least one meet. Maybe in new year.