Body Prep

I have some areas of body work as I go through the car that need treating as they have signs of rust. I am about to start sanding down the first of these on the rear end panel and where the rear tow hooks are fixed, but what sequence or product in your experience works best for prepping/sealing these areas. Is it galvanising paint or zinc based etc. The more research I do, the more confusing it gets.
again, any help greatly received.

Hi Bob,

Just to let you know the newbie section is more for an introduction for both you and the car rather than technical questions etc…

The GTOUK site is part of the wider club and has many sections regarding restoration techniques and examples of what members have done.

To access these parts of the forum you need to sign up for full membership. Which is £20 p/a and not only gives site access but opportunities to display your car at our club meets etc…

As per club rules I am required to close this thread as you already have another newbie thread running.

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